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Microalgae and biofuel, microalgae and wastewater treatment, microalgae and climate, microalgae and our health. We see the light through them, a cleaner environment and a rebalanced health, finally. Sometimes called microphytes, ...
26 09, 2020

Gilles-Marie Dupuy : a glocal artist !

A child of the Mediterranean, Gilles-Marie spent his time sailing at sea with his father. He grew up in Sète over the water, like a canvas slowly being born under the ...
14 12, 2020

The Vermounth from Marseillan

Maison Noilly-Prat is a must in Marseillan. It must be said that his Vermouth is known and also recognized around the world! Americans are even fond of it to concoct ...
14 12, 2020